Lake Pūkaki

Lake Pūkaki, South Canterbury


This nohoanga site is situated near the bottom of Lake Pūkaki, near Twizel in the McKenzie Country. Travelling from Twizel, cross the Pūkaki High Dam and take the first turn on the left. Drive down the gravel track until you can see the lake and wooden picnic bench. The site is not marked.


Physical description

This nohoanga site is situated on the edge of Lake Pūkaki, near Twizel and has excellent views of Aoraki (Mount Cook). Much of the ground is uneven and sloping in places and is quite rocky. The site is generally bare, although a number of wilding pine trees are growing throughout the site.

Lake Pūkaki Nohoanga Management Plan

Download the Lake Pukaki Nohoanga Management Plan

Vehicle access and parking

The site has excellent two-wheel drive access and is also suitable for caravans and campervans. Parking space is abundant on the nohoanga site.

Facilities and services

This site has no facilities.
Nohoanga site users are required to bring their own portable toilets, provide their own water supplies and must take all rubbish away with them.

Site restrictions

  • The site is subject to an existing operating easement.
  • Open fires may or may not be banned depending on the season. Please contact the McKenzie District Council (see below), or the local Department of Conservation Area Office at Twizel (see number below) to check whether a permit is required. If a fire permit is required, the authorisation holder is responsible for obtaining a permit prior to occupying the nohoanga.
  • Gas fires are permitted all year round.