Waianakarua (Glencoe Reserve), Otago


Waianakarua (Glencoe Reserve) nohoanga is located just west of Herbert, approximately 30mins south of Oamaru. From Herbert township on State Highway 1, take Cullen Street to Monk Street, then head south to the end of Monk Street and west onto Glencoe Road. Follow Glencoe Road, it will run onto Tulliemet Road. Turn left at Camp Iona and follow the gravel road to the nohoanga site which is located on top of the Department of Conservation camping site.


Physical description

The nohoanga site takes in half of an existing Department of Conservation camping area. The nohoanga site is not that large, although it is flat and well-sheltered. In general, the site is an excellent area for camping.

Waianakarua (Glencoe Reserve) Nohoanga Management Plan

Download the Waianakarua (Glencoe Reserve) Nohoanga Management Plan

Vehicle access and parking

The site has excellent two wheel drive vehicle access right onto the site and is suitable for caravan and campervan use. All vehicles should be parked on the nohoanga site.

Facilities and services

Nohoanga site users have permission to use the toilets and water located on the adjoining DoC reserve. As nohoanga site users will be sharing these facilities with the public, consideration should be shown at all times in accordance with the general information sheet.

Nohoanga site users must take all rubbish away with them.

Site restrictions

  • No fires permitted.
  • Although dogs are permitted on this site, this is in accordance with general dog control by-laws set by the Waitaki District Council, which state:
    • Adequately confine and/or secure animal at night
    • At all other times keep animal confined or under adequate control and supervision
    • Bitches in season must be confined
    • Remove all faeces immediately
    • Note – by using the Waianakarua (Glencoe Reserve) nohoanga site you are agreeing to these conditions.