Waikaia River

Waikaia River [Piano Flat], Southland


This nohoanga site is situated about 1 1/2 hours’ drive north-west of Gore Township. From State Highway 94, turn off at Riversdale-Waikaia Road and travel north past Waikaia township, past Glenary Station and into the Waikaia (Piano Flat) recreation area. The nohoanga site is situated on the right hand side of the road and backs onto the last private hut in the recreational area. Directly across the road from the nohoanga is a Department of Conservation camping area and further up the road is children’s playing area.


Physical description

The nohoanga is situated on a hill overlooking the Waikaia River just off the Waikaia road. The site is mostly sloped, with steeper slopes towards the back of the site. There are a few flat areas for camping. The nohoanga is covered in grass and is well sheltered by beech forest. The site is situated beside a private hut. Access onto the site itself is by foot, there is no vehicle access onto the site itself so the site would be unsuitable for caravans or campervans.

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Waikaia River Nohoanga Management Plan

Waikaia River [Piano Flat] Nohoanga Management Plan

Vehicle access and parking

This nohoanga site has excellent two wheel drive vehicle access to the site. There is no vehicle access onto the site itself. Nohoanga site users can park their vehicles on the flat area, immediately adjacent to the site. Such parking shall not inhibit access of other members of the public or be parked in an obvious camping site.

Facilities and services

Nohoanga site users have permission to use the nearby public water supply, which runs continuously into a basin approximately 100 m away from the site. Users cannot, however, tap either the water race or pipes carrying the water.

Nohoanga users may use the nearby public toilet facilities.

A park bench is located in close vicinity to the site, across the other side of the Waikaia Road.

The site has a large field nearby and a children’s playing area with swings and slides etc.

There is no cell phone reception.

All rubbish and waste must be removed by users upon departure of Waikaia River [Piano Flat] nohoanga. See key contacts below for contact details of refuse and dumping stations.

There are numerous old shafts associated with gold mining/prospecting throughout the wider area of the Waikaia River [Piano Flat] nohoanga site. There are known shafts up behind the nohoanga site, adjacent to the public access walk. Caution and care needs to be taken when walking around the bush area.

The Waikaia River is subject to flooding in high rainfall events and nature of the terrain is such that the river can rise quite suddenly. During high rain fall road access could be impeded to and from the Waikaia River [Piano Flat] nohoanga site.

Site restrictions

  • Fire restrictions may apply to this area. Please contact the Department of Conservation Area Office in Invercargill, before using this site to assess the situation.
  • Fire restrictions may apply to this area. Please contact the Department of Conservation Area Office in Invercargill, before using this site to assess the situation. Comprehensive information on fire control in this area is available via the Southern Rural Fire Authority website:
  • Dogs must be on a leash on public roads at all times. Owners must also ensure dogs do not worry stock or other campers both on the nohoanga site and adjacent public camping site.
  • Those wishing to hunt in the area require a hunting permit from the Department of Conservation. Fire arms should not be carried without a valid hunting permit. Please see the Department of Conservation website for information about hunting and firearm safety.
  • Note – by using Waikaia [Piano Flat] nohoanga site you are agreeing to these conditions.