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Walking the talk

Tā Mark Solomon is not the kind of man who speaks at length about himself. He values his privacy and he’s prone to under-playing any suggestion that he’s made a significant contribution to Māoridom, to Ngāi Tahu.
The fact that he was knighted in 2013 in recognition of the work he has done for Ngāi Tahu and for Māoridom is a case in point. His initial reaction was to baulk at the honour, but there were those who told him to “pull his head in,” that it wasn’t just for him, it was for the tribe. He relates how he was told firmly to “get up there to Wellington and receive the honour on behalf of the tribe.”

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Exhibition highlights Rāpaki history

Ariana Tikao (Ngāi Tahu),  is the curator of an exhibition at the Turnbull Library in Wellington called Borderland: The world of James Cowan. The exhibition explores the life, work and legacy of the writer James Cowan (1870–1943). Cowan grew up on a Waikato farm, on land confiscated from Māori who had fought against the Crown…

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