Tahu Pōtiki

Money Matters
10 Years of Whai Rawa

Rather than following the state’s example – and opting for student debt over savings – Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu leaders saw an opportunity to provide their people with increased access to tertiary education, home ownership, and retirement support. And so Whai Rawa was born.

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Helping whānau with the cost of education

Over the last decade Whai Rawa has helped over 250 whānau to pursue their tertiary education dreams. David Tikao, Programme Leader – Whai Rawa, says nearly $500,000 has been withdrawn by members to assist them with tertiary study. “Whai Rawa is different to Kiwi Saver because we allow our members to withdraw for tertiary education…

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Celebrating ten years of Whai Rawa

In the last decade Whai Rawa funds under management have risen to $52-million with nearly 2000 whānau who have been helped into new homes, tertiary education or retirement. David Tikao, Whai Rawa Programme Leader, says much of the success has come from member buy-in. “We have nearly 22,000 members and to date we have helped…

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A Puzzling absence

The East Coast tradition of Ruatepupuke bringing carving to the world from the House of Tangaroa was not familiar to the people of Ngāi Tahu. In fact the closest to a carving origin story one is likely to find in Ngāi Tahu tradition is that of Tama who encountered the gods and their full face moko. He demanded the same decoration, in order to become handsome and win his wife back.

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Future proof
What do the coming decades look like for Ngāi Tahu?

Kaituhi Mark Revington reports. What will the world be like for Ngāi Tahu in 2050? Think about it. That is 36 years away. Then think about how far the tribe has come in the comparatively short time since settlement. A heads of agreement was signed with the Crown in 1996 and in 1998 the settlement…

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A sense of pride

Ngāi Tahu language leaders were recognised at a glittering awards ceremony at Ōtākou Marae that also honoured te reo heroes of the past. In his opening speech, Tā Tipene O’Regan told the audience that the rebirth of Ngāi Tahu reo was in good hands. He said while previously the tribe had been consumed with the Claim, it was time to move on and promote revitalisation of Ngāi Tahu reo.

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Manawa Kāi Tahu
He Kōrero Mō Tūāhuriri

Ko te take tuatahi kia whakawhiti mai kā tupuna o Kāi Tahu i Te Ika-a-Maui ki Te Waipounamu nei ko tērā kākari i kōrerohia, arā ko Te Pūharakeke Tapu. Ko tērā hoki te kōrero e mau tou ana i a Kāti Kurī. Ko tētahi kōrero anō te kōrero mō Tuahuriri. Ko ia te hākoro o kā tino tīpuna i nōhia katoatia te rohe o Waitaha, arā ko Tūrakautahi, ko Moki, ko Tānetiki, me ētahi atu.

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Manawa Kāi Tahu
Pūharakeke Tapu

Following Maru’s escape from the village of his brother-in-law, Tumapuhiaraki, both Kāti Kahukunu and Kāti Kurī prepared for battle. This included specific religious rituals that allowed some insight in to the possibility of success for either side.

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NTHC appoints new directors to subsidiaries

Trevor Burt, chair of Ngāi Tahu Holdings Corporation, has announced two new appointments to the Ngāi Tahu Property board. They are Michael Weatherall and Susan Huria. Both whakapapa to Ngāi Tahu. Barry Bragg, chair of Ngāi Tahu Property, is proud of the two new appointments. “It’s fantastic to see some of our talented whānau taking…