Form and function review

– Feedback is now open!

What is the Form and Function Review?

The purpose of the Form and Function Review is to review, refine and enhance current governance structures and processes to help support best governance practise and performance for Te Rūnanga over the next 20 years.

We want Ngāi Tahu whānui to have an opportunity to give us their feedback as part of this review, so we have developed an on line form which provides background information and asks a series of questions.

Providing Feedback On Line

The feedback form works best on a laptop or desktop computer rather than a mobile device. We are working on improvements to make it more mobile friendly.

Please allow a few minutes for the document to load – there is quite a bit of information.

When you come to the question and answer section all you need to do is click on the Yes/No answer that reflects your thoughts and your response will be automatically saved. When you enter comments, they will also be automatically saved as you move to the next page.

On the final page of the document you will be asked to submit your responses. Once you click the submit button, all your answers will be sent through to Ngāi Tahu.

You will need your Ngāi Tahu registration details to log in and complete the document. If you have problems, please call the help desk on 0800 KAI TAHU.

Have your say

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Papatipu Rūnanga and Regional hui

Papatipu Rūnanga will be hosting a series of hui on the Form and Function Review process and there will also be regional hui. As dates are confirmed we will put them on the website here:

More Information

You can also talk to your Papatipu Rūnanga Representative or Alternate if you want more information.