Fundraising for Aoraki Bound

Thanks to the generosity of Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu, BNZ and Genesis Energy, there may be funding available to support you with these course fees. Funding is offered on a case-by-case basis, with criteria, for those who have made reasonable efforts to raise as much as possible (via professional development, personal savings/contribution, talking with your rūnanga, fundraising, etc). We do not want cost to prevent any person from participating.

The trick is to start planning now, so that you can show you have made reasonable efforts to raise funding. If fees are a barrier, please see this Outward Bound page, which has a really effective three-step guide to fundraising for your course.

Karawhiua – give it heaps!

Fundraising for Aoraki Bound

Grants are awarded to those applicants who can demonstrate their commitment to the course by providing evidence of independent fundraising initiatives. There are only a limited number of grants available, and funding is reserved for those who have made reasonable efforts to raise as much as possible.

Below are some ideas for securing funding, or for more inspiration head to the Outward Bound website, which has a really effective three-step guide to fundraising for your course.

We are happy to write a letter to support your application, e.g. confirming your placement, application or intention to attend Aoraki Bound. To organise this, email:

Raising Funds for Your Course

Step One: Your Contribution

  • Set up a course fee instalments, paying affordable amounts every week.
  • Hussle some donations from whānau or friends? EG Birthday gift donation, Xmas gift donation, etc.
  • Host an event! Trivia night, movie night, car wash, sausage sizzle, raffle, Māori trivia night, mufti day at school or work, get sponsored on a fun run/walk

Step Two: Organisational Contribution

  • Book a time with your employer and take along a letter from us, which supports your application and asks your employer to sponsor you. Many employers support their staff onto Aoraki Bound, through professional development.
  • Send a letter or email to your Papatipu Rūnanga, asking for their support (Ngāi Tahu only). Most rūnanga have supported applications in the past.
  • Approach a few local businesses, ask the speak with the manager, and ask for their support. Take along a letter which supports what you say.
  • Go to your community groups! Lions club, Rotary club – these people often support Outward Bound applications.

When someone has agreed to fund part of your course, ensure you get them to pay Aoraki Bound directly.

Step Three: Access funding from the Aoraki Bound team

Funding is limited, so the more you can access through other sources, the more people we can assist.

Once you’ve made a genuine fundraising attempt then you will need to talk to the Aoraki Bound team and finalise your funding options. No funding is issued to someone who has not been contact with the Aoraki Bound team.

Any funding from the Aoraki Bound team will not include travel, gear, medical costs or insurance.

In any case, we strongly suggest that you put a plan together, and then contact Aoraki Bound to discuss the plan.

Details for Aoraki Bound Course contributions

All course contributions can be made into this account:

Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu
01 0806 0029857 001
Part: AB Feb or AB Mar
Code: Last Name, First Name
Reference: Last Name, First Name