Our People

Each Aoraki Bound course is supported by two Outward Bound instructors, and one Ngāi Tahu facilitator. The instructors work together to wrap the activities of Outward Bound with the world view of Ngāi Tahutanga.

Tiaki Coates

TiakiCoatesKo Urutane te mauka
Ko Waihao te awa
Ko Wainono te pūroto
Ko Tauhinu te pā tūturu
Ko Kāti Huirapa te hapū
Ko Te Kapa te takata

Ko Tiaki Coates tōku ikoa

Tihei Mauri Ora!

Tiaki was the pōtiki on the inaugural Aoraki Bound course in March 2006. At the time he was studying at the University of Otago towards degree’s in both Māori studies and Physical Education. “It was the two greatest things on earth – Kai Tahu wisdom AND adventure – getting together, having a pēpi and calling it Aoraki Bound.” Tiaki regards the course as being a turning point in his life –

“I learnt more about myself in those three weeks than I had done in the previous 20 years. It brought about the kinds of realizations that only come from pushing beyond perceived limits. This is what Aoraki Bound does.” Tiaki went on to graduate and work as a mentor on a kaupapa Maori program, using tikaka to bring healing to rakatahi with drug and alcohol dependency. He then travelled and worked with indigenous youth in Alaska and Canada on different environmental kaupapa.

In 2010, Tiaki joined a fleet of traditional sailing waka bound for Tahiti. He sailed for three months through the Pacific on-board the waka-unua – Te Matau a Maui. “I was pretty fresh and it was rough going. I kept thinking back to Aoraki Bound – to the mental fortitude the course had demanded, and I knew I had what it took to get through.”

Roll call

Participated in Pilot Course – March 2006


AB (12) March 2011
AB (17) February 2014
AB (20) March 2015
AB (15) February 2013

Rangimārie Mules

Rangimarie-Mules-ABKo Hikorōroa, Te Atua o Taiehu, Te Ahu Pātiki, Nuku Manaia, Taranaki kā mauka
Ko kā awa o Waikouaiti me Urenui, me te roto o Waihora kā puna wai
Ko Uruao, Araiteuru, Tokomaru kā waka
Ko Huirapa, Tamatea, Kāti Moki, Ruapekapeka kā marae
Ko Kāti Huirapa, Kāi Te Ruahikihiki, Kāi Te Pahi, Kāti Moki, Ngati Hinetuhi kā hapū
Ko Waitaha, Kāti Māmoe, Kāi Tahu, Te Atiawa, Ngāti Mutunga kā iwi
Ko Hokianga Whakapau Karakia te ūkaipō

Rangimārie was brought up on the Hokianga Harbour, under the guardianship of Araiteuru taniwha. In her last year of high school she and her whānau moved to Otepoti to reconnect with their Kāi Tahu roots – under the guardianship of Araiteuru waka.

Rangimārie first became involved in Aoraki Bound through the support and encouragement of her rūnaka to take part in 2010. She then stepped into an instructor role in 2012 and has been returning to Te Wai Pounamu to instruct ever since.

“This course takes us on a journey, traversing the landscape that our tūpuna (ancestors) were so dependent on, instilling an inherent appreciation of the rigorous lives of our foremothers and fathers. To return to our whenua, experience learning and development in place and to feel through our bodies and minds is something very special that this course gifts all people. We inevitably gain clarity, perspective and an understanding of what we are truly capable of as individuals and members of society”.

Roll call

Participated in AB (9) February 2010


AB (13) February 2012
AB (14) March 2012
AB (16) March 2013
AB (18) March 2014
AB (19) February 2015

Sampson Karst

Sampson-KarstKo Te Ūpoko o Tahumatā te Maunga
Ko Ōkana te awa
Ko Kāti Irakehu, Kāti Makō ōku hapū
Ko Makō te whare tupuna
Ko Sampson Karst tōku Ingoa

After hearing friends rave about their Aoraki Bound experiences, Sampson decided he would enrol and find out what all the fuss was about.
With little knowledge about his Ngāi Tahu heritage, he knew it would be a chance to immerse himself in tribal histories and walk in the footsteps of his ancestors.

“It’s an experience like no other. Removing yourself from the city and work commitments to learn from amazing instructors and live in each and every moment is a very rare opportunity.
Aoraki Bound will push you to your limits and beyond, It’s a personal and cultural development journey that will build character and change the way you look at life.”

Sampson is very excited about joining Tiaki and Rangimārie in a pool of instructors that will continue to grow the course for the next ten years and beyond.

Aoraki Bound Steering Group

Aoraki-Bound-Advisory-BoardOur Ngāi Tahu facilitators are supported by the Aoraki Bound Steering Group, which consists of esteemed kaumātua, Ranui Ngarimu, Tribal Leader, Tā Tipene O’Regan, and Lead Instructor/course co-founder, Iaean Cranwell.

Aoraki Bound Past Instructors

Current Lead Instructor
Iaean Cranwell


Ko te Ūpoko o Tahumatā te mauka
Ko Ōkana te awa
Ko Wairewa te roto
Ko Uruao te waka
Ko Makō te whare tupuna

Ko Te Rōpūake te whare kai
Ko Kāti Irakehu, Kāti Kurī, Kāti Makō kā hapū
Ko Waitaha, Kāti Māmoe, Kāi Tahu kā iwi
Ko Iaean Cranwell tōku ikoa

Iaean is one of five Kāi Tahu Aoraki Bound instructors. Iaean has been involved in Aoraki Bound from its inception, and was inspired himself to get involved after attending an Outward Bound course in July 2003. Iaean sees Aoraki Bound as an innovative initiative that aims to enhance cultural identity with in Kāi Tahu Whānui by fostering cultural awareness and personal development. Iaean works for Takuahi Research & Development Ltd, the research company for his marae, involved in the restoration of Te Roto o Wairewa and its surrounding takiwā. He lives in Ōtautahi with his partner Keela and their children Te Kaio Va’i Whenuaroa and Metua Tahuahi Maatakotahi . He is currently the Chair of Mahaanui Kurataiao Ltd, the Manawhenua Environmental Service representing the 6 marae in Christchurch and Banks Peninsula. He has a passion for waka ama, recently competing at the Moloka’i Hoe in Hawai’i and is planning to attend the Vaka Eiva in Rarotonga at the end of November 2012.


AB (1) Pilot Course March 2006
AB (2) February 2007
AB (7) February 2009
AB (13) February 2012

Craig Pauling

Craig-Pauling-ABKo Ōtūmatua te maunga
Ko Huritini te awa
Ko Te Waihora te hāpua
Ko Te Ruahikihiki, Tūrakautahi, Te Rakiwhakaputa ōku tūpuna
Ko Kāi Tahu, Kāti Mamoe, Waitaha ōku iwi
Ko Craig Pauling tōku ingoa

Craig has been involved with Aoraki Bound since it began, helping to plan and establish the pilot course in March 2006. Craig also assisted with the initial relationship building with Outward Bound, after attending a Classic Outward Bound course in June 2004 and becoming a member of the Outward Bound Trust Council in October that year. Craig is passionate about the protection and restoration of native flora and fauna, particularly as it relates to Ngāi Tahu mahinga kai species and practices, and is also heavily involved in competing in, organising and promoting waka ama (outrigger canoeing).

Craig worked for Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu from 1999 to 2013, with most of his time being spent as an Environmental Advisor for Toitū Te Whenua (the environmental unit) and is currently employed as a Kaiarataki Te Hīhiri/Strategic Advisor-Māori with Boffa Miskell Ltd. Craig lives in Ōtautahi with his wife Janyne, who is from Ngāti Waewae/Arahura on Te Tai o Poutini, and their three tamariki, Mihiroa, Meihana and Tainui.


AB (2) February 2007
AB (4) August 2007
AB (6) March 2008
AB (10) March 2010

Eruera Tarena

Eruera-Tarena-ABEruera Tarena (Ngāi Tūāhuriri, Ngāti Irakehu, Ngāti Huirapa) gained an interest in Outward Bound after hearing about the experiences of Iaean Cranwell and Craig Pauling, ‘When I heard there was going to be a Ngāi Tahu course I jumped at the chance as I knew this was something I wanted to be involved in’. Eruera had a passion for Kāi Tahutaka but relished the chance to ‘walk tribal history’ as opposed to read it in a book, ‘I loved the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of our ancestors as Aoraki Bound gives you opportunities to do things that you wouldn’t normally be able to do in our lives, and do so with a great bunch of people’. Crediting Aoraki Bound as ‘the most living I have ever squeezed into three weeks’, Eruera wanted to get involved and has returned as a Kāi Tahu instructor to awhi others through the kaupapa, ‘I believe it is the most powerful thing Kāi Tahu do and want to get as many of our people to experience it as possible and dream of the day when a generation of Kāi Tahu have experienced the journey. I think it is a fantastic opportunity to learn about our culture, who we are and give us the strength to forge our own path into the future and I encourage all of our people to give it a go. Karawhiua Kāi Tahu mā!’

Roll call

Participated in Pilot Course – March 2006


AB (3) March 2007
AB (5) February 2008

Brett Lee

BrettLeeKo Te Poho o Tamatea Pōkai Whenua te Mauka
Ko Whakaraupo te Moana
Ko Kāti Wheke te hapū
Ko Te Rangi Whakaputa te takata
Ko Rāpaki o te Rangi Whakaputa te Kaika
Tihei Mauri Ora!

Like the other Aoraki Bound instructors Brett is passionate about helping and empowering his people. After attending Aoraki Bound as a student in March 2008 he was given the opportunity to instruct Aoraki Bound in March 2009. Brett believes that Aoraki Bound is a good stepping stone for those wishing to strengthen their Kāi Tahutaka and their appreciation for the environment. “There are many reasons why you should give Aoraki Bound a go and not many reasons why you shouldn’t, we have an opportunity to literally follow the footsteps of our ancestors and learn our history and language whilst being physically challenged and having a great time”.

Roll call

Participated in March 2008


AB (8) March 2009
AB (9) February 2010
AB (11) February 2011