Kā Pūtea Grants

Kā Putea Grants have increased and students may now be eligible for up to $500 in your first year of study, $1000 in your second year and $1500 in your third and subsequent years. Provided some criteria are met.

The opening and closing dates have now changed

Grants now open between

1st of March – 28th of April

Grants reopen

1st of July – 30th August

Proof of engagement declarations must be submitted for approval between

2nd of October and 30th of November

As part of this change we can provide pathways for you to learn, connect and engage with Ngāi Tahutanga.

  • Year 1 is around engagement and enhancing your own cultural knowledge.
    You can achieve this by the completing the below;

    • An online Te Reo course
    • Learning your pepeha
    • Incorporating a Te Reo paper with your studies
  • Year 2 is around making connections.
    You can achieve this by completing the below:

    • Learning about Ngāi Tahu history
    • Making contact with your Papatipu Runanga and taking part in a hui there
    • Mentoring other māori students
  • Year 3 is around giving back to the iwi.
    You can achieve this by completing the below:

    • Attending Ngāi Tahu events and taking part in these eg. Kia Kūrapa
    • Taking part on events and hui on your papatipu marae

To be successful you will need to meet these criteria.

To help you achieve your criteria we are available to answer questions and the following links and contacts will be useful:

  • http://www.kmk.maori.nz/home Explore the Kotahi Mano Kāika website to find out about and register for Ngai Tahu events occurring soon such as Kia Kūrapa. Also find the free resources available for you and your whānau to download.
  • http://ngaitahu.iwi.nz/ On the Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu website you can find out about and register for Ngai Tahu events occurring soon. There is a contact page for the Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu office based in Christchurch as well as a contact page for each papatipu rūnanga if you want to engage with them directly.
  • http://ngaitahu.iwi.nz/whanau/whai-rawa/ Our Whai Rawa scheme is designed to build wealth and enhance the wellbeing of current and future generations. To take advantage of the matched annual distributions from Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu visit the website.
  • http://ngaitahu.iwi.nz/whanau/opportunities/ Explore our whānau opportunities page where there are not only other funding options but where there is access to internships, courses like Aoraki Bound and other engagement ideas.

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