Te Pou Here

‘Te Pou Here’ refers to the mooring post and comes from “te pou here takata, te pou here tikaka” – the post that ties the people and the customs together.

This is a central place where our people can choose to connect, network and unite.

It’s about connecting and belonging as Ngāi Tahu

Te Pou Here can help you connect to your iwi and give you information about professional and cultural development, employment and business opportunities across the Ngāi Tahu businesses owned at a tribal level.

How do I get involved?

Choose one of three profiles to complete, depending on where you are in your career.

  • Te Pou Here Kaupapa – Ngāi Tahu Business Owner Profile
    Do you own a Business? Are you interested in networking or sharing knowledge and letting your iwi know more about your business?
  • Te Pou Here Takata – Ngāi Tahu Professionals Profile
    Are you established in your career and looking for opportunities to engage and connect with your iwi? Are you keen to let your iwi know where you are at in your career?
  • Pūreirei – Ngāi Tahu Career Starters Profile
    Are you looking to kick-start your career?

Find out more about Te Pou Here.