Bilingual, Bi literate - Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu

Bilingual, Bi literate

In this episode we cover:

  • There are huge benefits in using any other language with your pēpi.
  • It’s important to know the huge benefits for the brain in being bilingual.
  • As a Kāi Tahu whānau member, if your pēpi is able to understand any te reo Māori it really reinforces their identity.
  • As soon as the child has a second language they develop an understanding of the difference between the two languages which directly enhances their intelligence – this understanding is called meta-language.
  • The only way you can learn another reo is by being brave, taking risks and getting it wrong.
  • It takes bravery to stumble through and use the language when you don’t have confidence in it so push past the whakama, feel the fear and do it anyway!
  • Even if you only have a little bit of te reo Māori – use it with your pēpi because the benefits to their brain are huge.