The type of learning that benefits your babies brain in the early years

In this episode we cover:

  • The type of data your baby needs is you being responsive and interactive with them.
  • It’s not about flash cards or them knowing their ABC’s. Reading does help because it’s you reading to them which is positive interaction.
  • The child cares about the warmth, the āhuru mōwai/ the safe haven that’s created between you and your tamariki as you share a book, sing a waiata or talk to them.
  • Responsiveness is gold when it comes to your pēpi learning.
  • Your pēpi will learn much faster if you follow their lead and respond to them.
  • Pēpi learns to copy you, because you copy them. Learning language through patterns of imitation is a great strategy.
  • When your pēpi smiles, smile back, when they put their arms out, pick them up, this is being responsive.