KO AU Shannon Goldsmith

Shannon Goldsmith always had his sights set on a career in the property industry – so being able to work for his iwi, only makes his career choice even more rewarding.

Ngāi Tahu Property recognised Shannon’s potential in 2000 and awarded him a scholarship which helped meet the cost of fees, provided employment experience, access to Ngāi Tahu staff and knowledge as well as a new understanding of his iwi, its people and his culture.

Today he works for the company as a development manager and played a leading role in the development of the refurbished Christchurch City Council Civic Building which forms part of an impressive investment portfolio.

“I love my work. It’s a challenging and competitive industry, it keeps you on your toes, but it’s very rewarding to work in a dynamic team environment where the highest standards are expected. I enjoy being part of major development projects from inception to completion and knowing that I was able to help make it a success.”

Shannon is married to Letitia and they have three young girls, Aoife, Niamh and Ciara.

“It gives me great satisfaction to be working for my people and to know I am helping build a strong financial base for the tribe. I believe the work being done by Ngāi Tahu today will be of huge benefit to my children tomorrow. We’re laying a solid foundation for those generations that will follow.”