KO AU James Tawa

James Tawa is proud to work for his iwi.

James is Park Maintenance and Tour Guide at Rainbow Springs in Rotorua. He admires the people he works with and gets a kick out of interacting with the tourists he guides during the course of his day.

James is learning plenty about the industry he has chosen to work in and he’s grateful for the support from Ngāi Tahu Tourism which has helped kick-start his career.

James was the recipient of a Ngāi Tahu Tourism scholarship which helped meet the costs of completing a three year Bachelor of Tourism Management at LincolnUniversity. The scholarship also offered valuable work experience within the company’s tourism businesses, mentoring from staff and opportunities to more learn about his people and his culture.

“The scholarship programme allowed me to afford to go to university and learn about Ngāi Tahu at the same time. It opened up opportunities I wouldn’t otherwise have had.”

James is looking forward to a fulfilling career in tourism and would one day like to play a leading role in helping advance his iwi. For now he is just enjoying his job and living in Rotorua.