I AM Delane and Tana Luke

Tana Luke is 16 years-old and reckons “every dollar I save now is going to make it easier when I’m older”.

Tana and his younger brother Delane (14), have been registered with the Ngāi Tahu savings scheme Whai Rawa since its inception in 2006.

What was once an afterthought has now become a conscious habit that is not only building their individual accounts, but their understanding of money and what it takes to be financially prepared for their futures.

“Whai Rawa was the start of regular savings for me. My mum and dad got me the forms and I filled them in – hopefully it will pay for my university fees and later I can keep saving for a house,” says Delane.

Both boys attend St Thomas of Canterbury and have their minds set on university. Tana wants to do a double degree in Māori and law. He’s already looking at scholarships that might help pay his way through tertiary study. That way he says he’ll be able to save more of his Whai Rawa investment and buy a first home sooner.

“It’s had a big impact on me,” says Tana. I used to let mum and dad worry about money, but now I have an awareness that money is important and I don’t feel like I have to stress about finances in the future.”

All the Luke whānau and their extended whānau are registered and actively saving with Whai Rawa.

Says Delane, “I think we’re lucky we have Whai Rawa to help us out.”

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