Stars align for Ngāi Tahu Tourism and Earth & Sky

From left, Earth & Sky owners Hide Ozawa and Graeme Murray with Ngāi Tahu Tourism Chief Executive Quinton Hall on top of Mt John. Tekapo.

From left, Earth & Sky owners Hide Ozawa and Graeme Murray with Ngāi Tahu Tourism Chief Executive Quinton Hall on top of Mt John. Tekapo.

Ngāi Tahu Tourism has today announced that it will enter into a joint venture with Earth & Sky, the Tekapo-based stargazing and observatory tours operator.

Ngāi Tahu Tourism Chief Executive Quinton Hall says the partnership will further enhance both businesses.

“This joint venture is a great fit for Ngāi Tahu Tourism and aligns with our diverse portfolio of iconic experiences in the southern region,” says Mr Hall.

“Earth & Sky has built a reputation for delivering world-class stargazing encounters in this incredible location, and their customer and quality focus aligns perfectly with our own drive to deliver unique and authentic experiences for our customers.

“Ngāi Tahu Tourism is one of the largest tourism operators in Aotearoa, hosting one million customers a year across nine existing businesses.

“We believe our investment in Earth & Sky and our combined skills and capability will help take this experience to the next level.”

Earth & Sky’s stargazing and observatory tours on the summit of Mt John are recognised as some of New Zealand’s premium night-time tourist activities.

The company is owned by the Murray and Ozawa families and has been built over 12 years into the iconic experience that it is today.

Earth & Sky’s owners say they are pleased to have Ngāi Tahu Tourism on board.

“We are excited by the opportunities that this partnership will bring,” says owner Graeme Murray.

“Together with the University of Canterbury, Earth & Sky has been a world-leader in the area of Astro Tourism, and we have initiated and helped to drive the protection of the Mackenzie Country’s pristine night sky.”

Owner Hide Ozawa says the focus on protecting the night sky will continue with Ngāi Tahu Tourism.

“Both businesses are committed to continuing to protect the beautiful dark environment for stargazing, scientific research and to enhance wellbeing of our people.”

Earth & Sky is based on the shores of Lake Tekapo, a popular tourist destination situated halfway between Christchurch and Queenstown, in the heart of the ‘Aoraki-Mackenzie Dark Sky Reserve’.

Over 200,000 visitors are expected to visit Earth & Sky during the coming year.

Mr Hall says Ngāi Tahu Tourism is constantly adapting its existing businesses and looking at new opportunities to ensure it continues to deliver high-quality experiences for its customers.

“Our goal is to connect our customers to our unique Aotearoa experiences; to ourselves, to Ngāi Tahu and to our beautiful environment. Through this we strive to provide authentic and extraordinary experiences that will stay with our visitors forever.”

A video statement can also be seen below.