Wānanga fosters language

Moeraki whānau at Ko te Tira Mōrehu o Moeraki.

Moeraki whānau at the wānanga.

Late last year Moeraki whānau held a three-day wānanga ‘Ko te Tira Mōrehu o Moeraki’ to provide an empowering forum for whānau beginning their reo journey.

Supported by the Kotahi Mano Kāika Papakāika Reo Fund, which encourages papatipu rūnanga to develop reo pathways within their papakāika community.

Justin Tipa, a teacher at the wānanga, embraced the opportunity to participate in a learning environment that nurtured all reo speakers, regardless of ability.

“The wānanga was about how can we use what we’ve learned over the last several years on our own journey, and create something that’s relevant and contextualised for our Moeraki whānau,” he says.

Justin aims to dispel the perception that whānau interested in expanding their knowledge are expected to be fluent before attending a wānanga like this.

His advice to other papatipu rūnanga looking to champion their own wānanga is to encourage your whānau to stand tall and lead the kaupapa.

“Another positive outcome of our hui was having the time to think about the next part of the journey and how we might encourage more Moeraki whānau to come home and learn the reo and our kōrero. The whānau that learns together is a healthy whānau.”

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