Issue 59

The good oil on tough old tītoki

Tītoki is one of the most attractive specimen trees of our native forests, but few today would guess its seeds were once highly valued by both Māori and European for…

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He Tangata

Saelyn Guyton (Kāi Tahu) co-hosts Māori Television’s latest music show, My Country Song, alongside country music legend Dennis Marsh. Saelyn was the 2010 New Zealand Gold Guitar winner and the…

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A sense of purpose

A conversation with historian Ann Parsonson about her life and work makes it clear that she was always destined to work on the Ngāi Tahu Claim. Kaituhituhi Tony Bridge reports…

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From tech hero to Xero

Technology entrepreneur Rod Drury, who has just been announced as EY Entrepreneur of the Year, is building in confidence, networks, and ideas that start local and end up global. The…

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Perfect Storm

Sheldon Pitama (Ngāi Tūāhuriri, Ngāti Wheke, Ngāti Kurī) was fifteen when he caught the eye of rugby league talent scouts at a trial game in Christchurch. Since then he has…

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Clash of the Marae Kai titans

  In the end it came down to one point. After one hour of intense concentration in an unfamiliar kitchen, the ringawera from Mangamaunu Marae were edged out of the…

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