Regional Development

Regional Development Strategy

At the November 2019 hui of Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu, the Regional Development Strategy – a pou within the Haea te Awa programme – was approved.

The core principle driving the Regional Development Strategy is:

Enable papatipu rūnanga and whānau to achieve economic self-determination in order to improve whānau outcomes.

The Regional Development Strategy is designed to achieve:

  • Growth of papatipu rūnanga assets and balance sheets
  • Improved employment and business ownership opportunities for whānau
  • Increased mana and presence within the takiwā of each papatipu rūnanga

The strategy aims to provide assistance, both in terms of expertise and capital, to allow papatipu rūnanga to make investments within their own takiwā. It will not be a centrally controlled function, instead it is intended to facilitate and help papatipu rūnanga develop and make their own decisions and investments.

To implement the Regional Development Strategy, we will first need to:

  • Set up a regional investment fund to invest alongside papatipu rūnanga in regional investment opportunities
  • Create a separate entity (i.e. outside of the Office and Ngāi Tahu Holdings) to manage the fund and engage with papatipu rūnanga