Affiliated Research

The Whenua, Historical Trauma and Health Outcomes Project

This is an exciting national research project. The programme is exploring the impacts of historical intergenerational trauma and how Māori heal from trauma that is passed through the generations. We expect to gather a range of healing narratives and to identify coping strategies that contribute to the good health of Māori communities. We then want to develop health strategies that would assist Māori communities.
The Whenua, Historical Trauma and Health Outcomes Project.

The Raumanga Rōnaki Mahingakai Research Project

In late 2012 Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu established a five-year research project, Raumanga Rōnaki Mahingakai (RRM).

The RRM Dashboard is being developed as part of the New Zealand Sustainability Dashboard project which will ensure overall compatibility with internationally recognised sustainability frameworks to ensure that overseas regulators and consumers can benchmark and verify the sustainability credentials of New Zealand exported food and fibre products.
The Raumanga Rōnaki Mahingakai Research Project.

Keewai Koura

While there is a fledgling Koura aquaculture industry in New Zealand; to date none of the licenced farmers are producing large volumes for sale. Waikoura farming provides an opportunity to create additional revenue without impacting on existing land use activities; for example, there are hundreds of thousands of forestry fire ponds, existing farm irrigation dams or other similar water bodies across productive land in which could be utilised to grow Waikoura.
Keewai Koura.

Otago Participatory Science Platform

Participatory science involves volunteers in locally-relevant scientific research projects in collaboration with science professionals, building partnerships between scientists and the broader community.

Otago has been selected as one of three regions to pilot a programme where contestable funds, support and scientific expertise will be made available to community groups, schools, kura, local rūnaka, businesses and other organisations who may have a research idea that they need help bringing to life.
Otago Participatory Science Platform.