Ko Tahu, ko au : Kai Tahu tribal identity - Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu

Ko Tahu, ko au : Kai Tahu tribal identity

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Author:   Hana O’Regan
Print publication: 2001
Pages:   206pp, Paperback
ISBN:    ISBN: 0473079518

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Ko Tahu, Ko Au is an affirmation of Kāi Tahu tribal identity prevailing over forces which, at times, have denied its very existence. The author has woven the stories of eight prominent Kāi Tahu interviewed for this book with recent events in national and tribal, history and politics. These events provide the backdrop to the struggle of a people for the right to determine their identity on their own terms. Ko Tahu, Ko Au explores Māori from a uniquely southern perspective. Thought provoking and readable, it is an important contribution to the debate on Māori and indigenous identity issues.