New Zealand Racism in the Making: The Life & Times of Walter Mantell

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Author:   Harry C. Evison
Print publication: 2010
Pages:   447pp, Paperback
ISBN:    ISBN: 9780473175771

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Politically, racism is a distraction Scientifically, it is nonsense. There was no racism in New Zealand 200 years ago. But New Zealand now has an official Race Relations Commisioner to deal with racism. Where did this racism come from, and how did it get established? This book explains how it came about. Walter Mantell was among the first English colonists to land in New Zealand when it became a British colony in 1840. He was then 19 years of age. By the time of his death in 1895, he had become well known as a Maori land purchaser, as a scientist and as a politician. Mantell’s ‘life and times’ coincided with the rise of New Zealand racism. His involvement adds a fascinating personal dimension to this fateful development. As a final chapter, the author provides a personal memoir of New Zealand racism since 1924, his own lifetime.