Pounamu: The Jade of New Zealand - Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu

Pounamu: The Jade of New Zealand

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Author:   Russell Beck and Maika Mason
Print publication: 2011
Pages:   240pp, Hardback
ISBN:    9780670074884

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Pounamu is a celebration of jade in its many forms. It is a magnificent tribute to this New Zealand icon, the finest book on the subject ever published. Through the eyes of pounamu specialists Russell Beck and Maika Mason, we explore jade’s powerful connection with the natural environment, its Māori myths and history, jewellery and taonga, geology and technical characteristics, places where pounamu is found, methods of working, cultural issues regarding the ownership and management of jade as a resource, contemporary carving, and its significance in the international arena. The text is enhanced by the exquisite, timeless landscape photography of Andris Apse, which sets pounamu firmly in the South Island mountain environment from which it emerges in its natural state. Through these unforgettable photographs we see pounamu in a new and fascinating way. Pounamu is a treasure in its own right, a sumptuous book to be adored for years to come.