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Takutai Moana

The highest form of protection of Māori rights and interests available is “Customary Marine Title”, which recognises the relationship of an iwi, hapū, or whānau with a part of the common marine and coastal area. The title can’t be sold, and free public access, fishing, and other recreational activities are allowed to continue in Customary Marine Title areas. Successful applicant groups gain a number of rights in regards to the area…

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Wai Ora

In early April news broke the Ashburton District Council was considering selling a section in their business park known as “Lot 9”. A seemingly innocuous move, except that a resource consent for the extraction of freshwater is attached to Lot 9, and on the other side of the deal was a company in the business of bottling and selling water. The consent would allow for 45 litres of artesian water to be extracted per second, over 1.4 billion litres over the course of a year.

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Land bill courts controversy

In the years since the Treaty of Waitangi, land that has remained or has returned to Māori ownership has been guarded and used as a place to endure, sustain whānau, and continue the traditions of our tīpuna. In the last 150 years around 200 laws and amendments that impact on the management of Māori land have been enacted. Whānau have had to navigate this ever-changing environment over that period.

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