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Everyone is a winner

Environment Canterbury commissioner David Bedford, who sits on the CWMS Hurunui-Waiau Zone Committee, believes the consensus approach has been hugely successful, given committee members’ divergent positions when they came to the table.

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Ahikā Kai – Food from the home fires

Wild, Māori food – it’s what Ngāi Tahu tīpuna ate and traded. Now iwi pilot programme Ahikā Kai is set to revolutionise the way small whānau and iwi-based food businesses operate and market their products.

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Last Stand

Ngāi Tahu has joined a last-ditch stand to save Te Hāpua Waituna (Waituna Lagoon) from an ecological disaster with a ban on further dairy development in the catchment.

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11th March 2009
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Ngāi Tahu to Re-establish Buff Weka on Mainland

11 March 2009 The culmination of many years of conservation work will take place at Stevensons Peninsula Lake Wānaka this week with the release of 15 Buff weka. Eight years ago, a breeding population was established on Te Peka Karara, Stevensons Island, in Lake Wanaka with a view to building up numbers ahead of a…