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Protecting their future

A dedicated and passionate group of Ngāi Tahu representatives has been working hard on species recovery groups across Te Waipounamu to protect vanishing taonga species, and to ensure that the iwi has a voice in their future.

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The South Island Landless Natives Act (SILNA) was a law passed by the Liberal government on 20 October 1906. SILNA was intended to alleviate the poverty of Kāi Tahu by providing “landless natives” with an asset base. While this seems honourable, the intention was never achieved and SILNA was later outed by the Waitangi Tribunal for what it really was: a “cruel hoax

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A Puzzling absence

The East Coast tradition of Ruatepupuke bringing carving to the world from the House of Tangaroa was not familiar to the people of Ngāi Tahu. In fact the closest to a carving origin story one is likely to find in Ngāi Tahu tradition is that of Tama who encountered the gods and their full face moko. He demanded the same decoration, in order to become handsome and win his wife back.

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Once upon a time there was a sea captain who sailed to the bottom of the world in search of adventure and good fortune. He conquered treacherous seas to eventually make landfall on a remote but beautiful place on the southern coastline of Te Wai Pounamu.

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