Issue 55 - Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu

Issue 55

Kana/Spring 2012| 55

He Kōrerorero

I have a feeling that a lot of people now associate ‘layering’ with clothing: “We’re going skiing tomorrow, and then next day, we’ll be down on the flats. Can’t take a lot of gear but no worries, we’ll just layer.”

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Ahakoa He Iti, He Pounamu
Tūtaepatu Lagoon

In little over two years, Tūtaepatu Lagoon, near Woodend has changed from a weed-choked waterway to an inspiring example of ecological restoration. As a key part of the larger Tūhaitara Coastal Park, which was established as an outcome of the Ngāi Tahu Settlement with the Crown, it preserves Ngāi Tahu values, retains and enhances the rare, indigenous biodiversity while providing recreational and educational opportunities for everyone.

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Te Ao o te Māori
Sinead Foster

“Before we can rebuild Christchurch, we have to pull a lot of it down,” says Sinead Foster. The 21-year-old from Hokitika understands this better than most because she spends her days in the city’s CBD red zone working for a local demolition company.

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Manawa Kāi Tahu
Waiata mō Huirapa

Following the incident with Tūtekohi the descendants of Rakawahakura moved further south and settled in the Hawke’s Bay area. His granddaughter, Tūhaitara, married Marukore who belonged to the local tangata whenua, a little-known iwi called Te Kāhea. They had 11 children, many of whom are founding ancestors of senior Ngāi Tahu hapū.

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