Issue 56 - Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu

Issue 56

Raumati/Summer 2012 | 56

Te Ao o te Māori
Pā Kids

This group of six enthusiastic and talented Ngāi Tahu tamariki and rangatahi have taken over their aunty’s basement garage and turned it into a practice room. Every week for the past 10 months they have been learning to play and sing together.

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Manawa Kāi Tahu
Te Heke o Pūraho

By the time they had migrated to the Wairarapa the descendants of Tahu Pōtiki were travelling with an extended kinship group that had broken away from iwi in the East Coast and Hawkes Bay.

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Garden to Plate

The Koukourarata māra kai spreads across two plateaus – one above the other – like a giant vegetable canopy. It is a place of peace, learning and harvest; and the principle of generosity underpins its existence – evident in the small roadside koha stand that sits under the shelter of a giant gum tree.

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He Whakaaro
Water issues – a modern day primer

On the issue of iwi rights to water, the [Land and Water] Forum kicked for touch, finding that it was a matter to be sorted out between the Crown and Māori.
Since 1984, seven Waitangi Tribunal reports have dealt with Māori rights in waterways in a substantive way. In each case these reports have found significant Māori interests in water, as well as significant pollution affecting those interests.

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