Issue 58 - Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu

Issue 58

Makariri/Winter 2013 | 58

He Aitaka a Tāne
Kānuka, a victim of mistaken identity

It is often difficult to tell the difference between some of our native plants, particularly closely related species. But, if ever there was a victim of mistaken identity, it has to be kānuka. Mention of its name in polite company often causes people’s eyes to glaze over vacantly. Most Kiwis are familiar with mānuka and assume you are either confused or your knowledge of te reo Māori is even worse than theirs.

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He Kōrero Pākahi
Tīwai, Southland’s economic anchor?

If you take a back road into Dunedin, via Waitati, over the hill and into Port Chalmers, you may notice an old farm shed overlooking the harbour. The shed itself is rather nondescript; corrugated iron with a slight coating of rust. But painted along the shed are the words: “Aramoana, save it”, preceded by an arrow sign (pointing towards the village of Aramoana).

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Ngā Take Pūtea
Add it up

If you watch TV you can’t have missed those talking letterbox adverts about home insurance. Next time that ad comes on, don’t mute the TV or switch channels. Watch. This information is really important for your whānau.

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