Issue 62 - Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu

Issue 62

Te Ao o te Māori
Nathan Wilson

As the tide rises and falls, the ocean moves the black sands up and down the beach and with it deposits of gold concealed within its grains. Nathan Wilson (Ngāti Māhaki), with help from his whānau, makes a living from mining the fine gold dust using long-handled shovels, a home-made sluice box, and water pumped from a nearby river.

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He Kōrerorero
Dangerous stuff

Since I was a small child, I’ve collected things; books majorly, but also edged weapons and seashells, music (as in 78s and LPs as well as tapes and CDs) and artworks… not paintings or drawings (I enjoy making my own) but furniture and work by skilled wood-turners. Some jewellery, primarily pounamu. And, also since I was a kid, I’ve made survival kits.

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The Lifeline

The business card simply says Dr Graham Kitson, Relationship Director. Nothing here to suggest that the man sitting in front of me helped kept Te Kerēme on track in the 1990s.

However it was Dr Graham Kitson’s introduction of Tipene O’Regan to Japanese businessman and philanthropist Masashi Yamada that enabled a lifeline to be extended to Ngāi Tahu while the tribe waited for the result of its Waitangi Tribunal hearings. It came in in the form of a series of loans which enabled the tribe to continue with Te Kerēme.

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Kā Manukura o Te Reo
Postcards from Amerika

Eleanor Roosevelt said to do something every day that scares you. In my case it is do something every two years which freaks me out so much I break out in cold sweats, develop a stutter, lose sleep, and am left questioning my mental stability.

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