Issue 64 - Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu

Issue 64


SPOONBILL 101 Nā Rangi Faith Puriri Press 2014 RRP: $25.00 Review nā Gerry Te Kapa Coates This is a purist’s book of 60 eclectic poems where the writer is accessible only through his work – no cover blurb, photo, or notes on the poems. I admit I cheated and checked his website: Faith is…

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He Whakaaro
Who owns riverbeds?

Opinion nā Tom Bennion Who does own riverbeds? The answer to that question can affect access to riverbeds for fishing and recreation, but it can also affect the ownership of large structures in riverbeds, such as hydro dams. If the riverbed on which a dam sits is owned by someone else, does the dam owner…

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He Tangata
Danni Thian

Danni Thian (Ngāi Tahu), the recipient of the 2014 Agria-Hōaka scholarship, will travel to Beijing in February to spend 12 months studying Mandarin at Tsinghua University. It’s an opportunity she feels fortunate to have. “It’s all surreal,” says Danni, 24, who works as a commercial operations, labour market, and welfare analyst at the Treasury in…

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