Issue 67


There’s a chapter for every object, written by historians, archivists, curators, and Māori scholars. They look into the “lives” of treasured family possessions such as family diaries, a cherished kahu kiwi, a music album, Katherine Mansfield’s hei tiki, a stamp collection, and of course, those fabulous tāniko slippers.

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Waka Legend

Hekenukumai Busby is credited with reviving waka building and celestial navigation in Aotearoa. His waka have sailed between New Zealand, Hawaii, and many islands in the Pacific and he has…

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He Tangata
Matt Scobie

Matt Scobie is a PhD candidate who begins study at the University of Sheffield this month. His research will explore ways to hold business and government accountable for their wider social and environmental impacts with a focus on engagement around the operations of extractive industries in areas of importance to indigenous groups. He completed a Master of Commerce at the University of Canterbury.

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