Issue 75 - Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu

Issue 75

Double Oscar Winner

When you visit the home of an Oscar winner the first thing you look for is their award, or, in the case of Hammond Peek – awards. For starters, he’s not the kind of guy who has his accolades out on display. Secondly, after giving you a sneak peak of the golden statues, he makes sure you’re not going to reveal their hiding place.

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Te Ao o te Māori

For more than 80 years the Te Waipounamu Māori Girls’ College helped young girls grow to become young women. Recently a small group of former Te Wai girls came together at the old Ferry Road school site in Christchurch to reminisce and help celebrate a significant birthday for former college Matron Reihana Parata; aka Aunty Doe or just “Mum” for the old girls of Te Wai

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The South Island Landless Natives Act (SILNA) was a law passed by the Liberal government on 20 October 1906. SILNA was intended to alleviate the poverty of Kāi Tahu by providing “landless natives” with an asset base. While this seems honourable, the intention was never achieved and SILNA was later outed by the Waitangi Tribunal for what it really was: a “cruel hoax

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White Man’s Burden Revisited…

First the word Pākehā, then Waitangi Day, and now water. It seems there are some sectors of New Zealand society who can’t get their heads around the notion of a bicultural country. Or some people who want to be offended regardless.

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