Issue 85 - Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu

Issue 85


It was magic to eat fish sandwiches so close to the sea, with gulls squawking, the water hitting the rocks and all the salt in the air.
After we ate, Tom Aiken took us to the seal colony. There we could see the mountains on both sides of Kaikōura.
‘This is the best spot to understand what a peninsula is,’ Tom Aiken said.
‘What’s a peninsula?’ Beth asked.
‘Just land. Land almost completely surrounded by water. Except for one piece, one small bit, which connects it to the rest, and that little bit is all that’s stopping it from being an island.’

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He Tangata
Lucie O’Sullivan

Ngāi Tahu – Waihōpai, Awarua Lucie O’Sullivan (Ngāi Tahu – Waihōpai, Awarua) grew up in Perth, but having family both past and present call Aotearoa home has helped her form her own sense of place and identity. She has held fast to her heritage, and has shared her family’s joy in exploring Aotearoa on visits…

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