From the CEO

For Te Rūnanga it feels like we are in good shape to discuss the significant issues confronting the iwi and the nation. Our governance initiatives of the past year mean we are ready for some robust good high-level strategic debates. And there are plenty of debates to be had.

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He Kōrerorero
Surviving vs Living vs Thriving

I am a locavore, an eater of fresh food from my regions.

Of course I eat other things – I’ve got free-range chook and vegetables in the deep freeze because there aren’t any local producers of chook or peas or carrots or corn let alone the more exotic vege mixes in Big O. And I do have at least a bucket (sometimes a pōhā) of birds around for winter.

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Manawa Kāi Tahu
Ko Te Waiata a Paikea mō Ruatapu

Paikea is a renowned ancestor with particular importance to iwi who can trace their descent from the east coast of the North Island. Ngāti Porou have perhaps the greatest claim to the Paikea traditions, but certainly Ngāti Kahungunu and Kāi Tahu also recognise Paikea as an ancestor of great significance.

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