Roger Blackley’s Galleries of Maoriland is an important new book that focuses on the art of the colonial period in New Zealand and the cultures of Maoriland. Maoriland is, Blackley says, as much a period as it is a place

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Shoe designer Maree MacLean was born in Aotearoa and is of Ngāi Tahu and Te Whānau-a-Apanui descent. She has lived in a number of fashion hotspots overseas including Milan, Copenhagen, Singapore, and Shanghai, where she dressed Chinese superstar Fan Bing Bing, before specialising in shoe design and collection building at the Arsutoria school in Milan.

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He Tangata
Trevor McGlinchey

Trevor McGlinchey began his career as a freezing worker and worked in a number of seasonal and other short-term industries until 1986, when he founded Te Mahi o Waitaki Trust in Ōamaru. This was a kaupapa Māori trust that developed and operated social enterprises and community initiatives.

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Ngā Hau e Whā
From the Editor

In the last issue of TE KARAKA we featured an opinion piece by Ward Kamo entitled “Māori victims of crime”. In this column Ward argued that rather than focusing on criminals and the justice system, we should focus on the victims of their crimes – often the offenders’ families and communities – and provide support and skills to help them break the cycle. This view has sparked considerable reaction, not only among our TE KARAKA readers, but much further afield. In this issue we hear an alternative viewpoint from Dr Moana Jackson, who has been actively involved in mahi relating to Māori and the criminal justice system for several decades. Feedback is always welcomed and encouraged, so if you feel strongly about anything we feature, please send us your thoughts.

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