International Relations

Philip Hewitt describes himself as a “boy from Invercargill”, but a career in international relations means he is more well-travelled than most. Last year, Philip was appointed as Ambassador to Timor-Leste, his fourth international diplomatic posting. But despite his high-ranking position, Philip has maintained his humble Kiwi spirit. When I requested an interview with only a day’s notice he replied, “You know what, I can make that work.”

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Never make assumptions

Mental health awareness was huge in 2018, which was fantastic. It’s no secret the classic New Zealand culture of hypermasculinity and keeping a stiff upper lip is a fertile breeding ground for all sorts of mental health woes. Publicity campaigns and heightened general awareness of the issue can only be a good thing.

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Commercial Fishing – differing perspectives

Ngāi Tahu inshore commercial fishers believe they are being unfairly targeted for the deaths of iconic wildlife species in coastal waters they have fished sustainably for generations. They blame broad-brush campaigns by environmental lobby groups.

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