The First Voice

Liz Kereru emerges from the tumbling surf, a small figure in the endless stretch of North Canterbury horizon. Sunshine warms the crisp autumn air, catching glistening droplets as she tilts her head to smile at Ranginui.

The visual metaphor could not be stronger – mana wahine, the sacred feminine.

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Ngā Hau e Whā
From the Editor

Ruminating on the content for this issue of the magazine I am left with a strong impression of anticipation of all things new – new beginnings, new thinking, and new content.

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From the CEO

Giving our pēpi the best start possible is a no-brainer, and we should be throwing all our resources into growing our tamariki wherever we can. The return on investment has to be positive. If we’re lucky, our tamariki may even take care of us in our twilight years!

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Reading between the lines

Divisive media is the key to my story here, and I’m sure that’s something everyone can see when they’re reading the papers or scrolling through Facebook feeds.

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