Te Rangitaki a Te Ranui
Eat noodles, find husband…

In venturing outside Shanghai I found a new side of China that I had never imagined existed. In all honesty, I don’t know what I expected, but it certainly wasn’t what I discovered. I have now traveled to a few places and have found that each has their own flavour, dialect, and beauty that differentiates them from the next.

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Te Ao o te Māori

Korey Gibson (Ngāti Huia, Ngāti Tama, Ngāi Tahu) says he’s not the type of person to sit on his hands. Today not sitting on his hands means being in the boxing ring for an early morning workout, story time with his 18-month-old daughter Waitohi, singing waiata with partner Tessa Murray, and time with his beloved pig dogs before heading to the office.

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Opportunity of a lifetime

Tania’s road to her current role hasn’t been a traditional one, but the unconventional nature of her journey makes it all the more impressive. “I can honestly say working in a marae kitchen has got me to where I am today” says Tania. “I met so many people cooking in the marae kitchen … it taught me the fundamentals of how people work, not to mention good time management.”

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Wai Ora

In early April news broke the Ashburton District Council was considering selling a section in their business park known as “Lot 9”. A seemingly innocuous move, except that a resource consent for the extraction of freshwater is attached to Lot 9, and on the other side of the deal was a company in the business of bottling and selling water. The consent would allow for 45 litres of artesian water to be extracted per second, over 1.4 billion litres over the course of a year.

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