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Flu Jab

Flu jab for winter

We are expecting the flu to hit hard this winter, whānau. Getting your flu jab can minimise the risks for yourself and your whānau of getting very unwell.

What is the flu?

Download our guide to keep the flu out of your whare

There are lots of bugs that can make us feel unwell during winter, most
are caused by viruses. Some, like colds, only cause mild symptoms and
others like the flu or RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) are more severe
and can make us more unwell.

Influenza – or the flu feels much worse than just a regular cold. Some
of its symptoms are also similar to COVID-19.

It can make us feel tired with muscle aches; cause fevers, chills, a bad
cough, runny nose; and sometimes it can cause an upset stomach.
Because the initial symptoms can be similar to COVID-19, it is a good
idea to get tested to try to rule this out.

The flu is caused by a virus that is easily spread between people
through the air, sharing food and drink, and by touch. This winter, it
is even more important that we try and protect our whānau and stay
as healthy as possible. Washing hands and wearing masks can help
protect everyone. Luckily, we can also try and help protect our whānau
and ourselves by getting a flu vaccination.


Getting our flu jabs and COVID-19 vaccination can help reduce the risks of getting very unwell, and prevent us spreading to others, including our pēpi, taua and poua.
Protect our whānau, protect our whakapapa, get vaccinated if you can.

Flu jabs can be given to nearly everyone, including our tamariki older than 6 months.
The flu jab is also FREE for those who are at more risk from the flu, including:

  • Hapū mama
  • Whānau Māori aged 55 years and over
  • Anyone aged 6 months and over who has a long-term medical condition like diabetes, asthma, or a heart condition
  • Tamariki aged 4 years or younger who have been in hospital with respiratory illness such as asthma
  • Tamariki aged 3 to 12 years old
  • People with serious mental health or addiction needs.

Contact your trusted health provider to find out more about the flu vaccine.