About the Ngāi Tahu Fund - Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu

About the Ngāi Tahu Fund

Te Whakatakanga Mission

In 2012 the Ngāi Tahu Fund Committee adopted the Ngāi Tahu Cultural Strategy as its guiding document.

Ngāi Tahu Cultural Strategic Mission

Manawa Whenua, Manawa Reo, Manawa Kāi Tahu.
Creating successive generations of strong, vibrant champions of Ngāi Tahu culture.

Ngāi Tahu Fund Strategic Objectives

  • To have strong sustainable Ngāi Tahu Cultural leadership across all pillars.
  • Ensuring intergenerational ownership, sustainability, and growth of cultural practices across all pillars.
  • To have the resources available to engage the strategy to be successful (human, fiscal, natural archival etc.)
  • All generations of Ngāi Tahu engage, value, celebrate and protect the integrity and uniqueness of Ngāi Tahu culture.
  • Promote new forms of Ngāi Tahu cultural expression.

Pillars of Ngāi Tahutanga

The following areas are key priority areas of the Ngāi Tahu Fund, as identified in the Ngāi Tahu Cultural Strategy.

  1. Whakapapa- kinship
  2. Tikanga- protocols and customs
  3. Te Reo- Language
  4. Mahi Toi- creative expression
  5. Whenua- landscape, place and locality
  6. Mahinga Kai- Food gathering practices
  7. Ngā Uara- Values and beliefs
  8. Ā kāinga, Ā Hapū, Ā Iwi- community engagement and participation
  9. Mana Tangata- Self-determination, self-confidence, self-purpose, self-transcendence.

The Fund will consider projects that support at least one of the Fund’s three strategic goals.

Link to Cultural Summit Key Priorities

When assessing applications, the Fund will take into account these key priorities identified at the Puketeraki Cultural Summit held October 2005:

  • Whakapapa
  • Te Reo me ōna Tikanga
  • Mahi Toi
  • Whānau Development
  • Whenua Development
  • Māhinga Kai

Three Levels of Funding

1. Small Projects – up to $5,000

  • To support smaller local initiatives
  • No legal entity required
  • Individuals may apply

2. Medium Projects – $5,000 to $30,000

  • To support local, regional and national initiatives
  • Legal entity required
  • Individuals cannot apply for this funding
  • Multiple year funding considered

3. Expressions of Interest for Large Projects – $30,000 and over

  • Legal entity required
  • Individuals cannot apply for this funding
  • Multiple year funding considered
  • A staged application process- expression of interest, then if approved by the Committee followed by full application.

If you need any help or have any questions please contact the Ngāi Tahu Funds Team by calling 0800 524 8248 or by email [email protected]