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Green Technology

This document provides information on the range of green technology systems and providers available in New Zealand, for Papatipu Rūnanga to consider. It also outlines other things to consider when investigating green technology options, including costs and battery technology development.

Solar and Wind

Awarua Synergy

Awarua Synergy is an established company owned by Awarua Research and Development, a subsidiary of Te Rūnaka o Awarua Charitable Trust. The company offers a wide range of products and services, including insulation, heating products, hot water heating, solar energy, wind generation, battery and LED lighting. Awarua Synergy provided potential solar energy options for consideration.

Wanaka Solar

Wanaka Solar is a team of expert electricians specialising in Solar PV Panels and solar storage. Supplying renewable energy technology to the Wanaka and Queenstown lakes areas, Wanaka Solar’s goal is to make every home and business energy neutral.


PowerSmart are the leading supplier of grid connect solar electricity systems with extensive experience in New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific. In November 2014 PowerSmart undertook an in-depth feasibility study and energy audit of all Papatipu Marae and provided pricing and discounted options. This has recently been updated.


SolarCity established in 1974 as a major solar power provider to residential and commercial users in New Zealand. Their solarZero plan has $0 upfront payment.

Zero Energy

Sustainable buildings aim to reduce energy needs; a Zero Energy House eliminates them altogether.

World Solar

World Solar are a team of renewable energy experts who have been installing thousands of solar power systems in homes and businesses across Australia and New Zealand.

Future Energy NZ

Future Energy designs, installs and maintains renewable energy systems with any combination of wind turbines, solar PV and hydro power throughout New Zealand.

Able Solar

Able Solar has been creating solar power systems that utilise renewable energy sources for rural lifestyle blocks, farms and the government. With a team of experienced installers located nationwide, we are able to design, install and service your power system wherever you are in New Zealand.

Waste Water and Sewage

Aloaqua Ltd

Aloaqua’s goal is to enable better use of water and energy resources with appropriate technology. They provide:

  • Rainwater and grey-water membrane treatment systems
  • Rainwater harvesting and utilisation systems
  • Storm-water infiltration, retention and attenuation systems
  • Wastewater heat recovery systems.

Environment Technology

Environment Technology is a Takaka-based business which imports and distributes the AES (Advanced Enviro-Septic™) system with the aim to provide a quality, cost-effective option for domestic, commercial and remote on-site wastewater disposal.

A range of designers and installers are available throughout the South Island.


Biolytix is nature’s ecosystem in a tank. Biolytix is an innovative company with an innovate approach to solving the difficult problem that is the on lot treatment and disposal of wastewater, and is fast become a dominant leader within the on-site wastewater industry.


Flo-Rite Drainage installs and repairs drains and also has a range of water and septic tanks available. Along with septic tanks, Flo-Rite also supplies high-quality water tanks to store fresh, clean rainwater.

Natural Flow

NaturalFlow Wastewater and Sewage Systems create safe living environments where wastewater is returned to its natural state and safely restored into nature’s eco-system.

Other Considerations

Green Technology costings

Costing for sustainable technology are unique to the site and locations and are customised dependent on roof size, power readings and requires site visits and assessments.

Battery technology development – energy storage

Energy storage is one of the key challenges for sustainable and green technology developments.
Recent advancements in technology have been made energy storage, in particular with the Tesla Power Wall and the Enphase AC battery, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery designed to store energy for self-consumption of solar power generation and emergency backup.

Tesla Power Wall

Cost: A 7kW units starts at NZ $3978 plus shipping costs.

Enphase AC

Cost: A 1.2kWh unit starts at $2,900.

Energy storage prices are expected to come down as products become more widely available and the quality of products continue to improve as countries globally seek solutions.

The option of storing excess energy with batteries would be beneficial to counteracting future costs through solar tax or engagement with power network.

The benefits of battery

  • Maximise self-consumption of solar power – store excess energy you generate by solar
  • Reduce network costs – control when you use power and how much you pay for it
  • Keep the lights on if you lose power – your own backup plan for when the power goes out.