Kā Pūtea Grant

Kā Pūtea Grant and
Proof of Engagement Grant

Kā Pūtea Grants and the Proof of Engagement Grants are available to all registered Ngāi Tahu enrolled in NZQA Tertiary level study or an international equivalent.

Kā Pūtea Grant

Applications for 2022 have now closed. Applications for the 2023 academic year will open on Wednesday 1 March 2023 and close on Wednesday 1 November 2023.

Entitlements are:

  • $250.00 for your first year of full-time study
  • $500.00 for every subsequent year of full-time study

To receive the maximum amount of entitlements, an applicant must be enrolled in full-time study, which is equivalent to 120 or more credits.

Kā Pūtea Proof of Engagement Grant

Applications to support the 2022 academic year open on 1 March and close on 1 November 2022.

Evidence of engagement must be submitted before the closing date (any incomplete applications after this date will be withdrawn).
The Proof of Engagement Grant is a second layer to the Kā Pūtea Grant and was created to encourage whānau to connect, engage and give back to Ngāi Tahu regardless of their location.
There are three cultural levels that students may apply for and selection of which level to meet is usually determined by the year of tertiary study you are enrolled in with the aim of progressing your Ngāi Tahutanga journey.
Below are some examples of how each level can be achieved and the examples reflect the expected level of engagement that is required.

Level One is for those students who are beginning their journey of engagement with the iwi. To qualify for this level students must evidence engagement through things such as:

  • Completing an online Te Reo course/ Incorporating a Te Reo paper with your studies
  • Learning your pepeha
  • Registering with at least one of your affiliated Papatipu Rūnanga.

The grant at this level is $250*.

Level Two is for students who can show connectedness to the iwi. To qualify for this level students must evidence connectedness through things such as:

  • Making contact with your Papatipu Runanga and taking part in hui
  • Mentoring other Ngāi Tahu students as part of your studies.

The grant at this level is $500*
To apply for this level you must provide evidence for both Level One and Two.

Level Three is for students who are actively engaged with Ngāi Tahu and demonstrate reciprocity. To qualify for this level students must evidence reciprocity through things such as::

  • Supporting Papatipu Rūnanga or Taurahere groups ie Rangatahi Representative on a Ngāi Tahu Committee

The grant for this level is $1,000*.

(*To receive the maximum amount per grant, an applicant must be enrolled in full time study, which is equivalent to 120 or more credits).

NB: Activities need to have been achieved in the year that the application is received/cannot be retrospective) ie completion of a Te Reo course in 2022; completing a Ngāi Tahu research project in 2022; attending a Ngāi Tahu hui in 2022.

Each student is eligible to receive one Kā Pūtea Grant & one Proof of Engagement Grant per calendar year.

Students are eligible for seven grants throughout their study lifetime.

Students are considered full-time if they are enrolled in 120 credits or 1 EFT.

Students enrolled in less than full-time study will receive a portion of the full grant amount and this is calculated by the number of credits/EFTS that they are enrolled in.


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