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Te Pou Here Pūreirei

“Tahu whiri rau, Tahu torokaha”
Uniting our collective strengths as Tahu

Te Pou Here, a central place where our whānau can connect, engage & give back.

What is Pūreirei?

A Ngāi Tahu service by whānau for whānau, Pūreirei focuses on personalised career support for whānau tailored to help at any stage of the career journey. Pūreirei will provide you with career advice and the tools to feel confident taking the next step on your career path.

How Pūreirei can work for you.

You will work alongside a mentor who will give you personalised support to help you navigate your career journey.

We will update you with the latest entry-level opportunities available through our iwi-owned businesses, our commercial business partners or within Ngāi Tahu whānau owned businesses.

Our focus is to ensure that whānau are supported in their working journey and form a stronger connection to the iwi.

Te Pou Here Pūreirei
– connecting you with a career mentor

Pūreirei provides personalised support for whānau beginning their journey, re-entering the workforce or building their career.

I truly believe I would not be here today without those mentors.”

– Grace Dimond, Solicitor – Simpson Grierson.

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Pūreirei mentors

Pūreirei mentors come from a range of backgrounds and bring different experiences. You will be connected with a mentor that best suits your chosen career pathway. They can meet you when, where and however it suits you.

You will be provided with career advice and connections to other whānau in the business world. Pūreirei mentors will provide you with advice and support if you want to connect with your iwi and/or Papatipu Rūnanga.

Natalie Small

Kia ora! Ko Natalie tōku ingoa. I whānau mai ahau i Ōtautau. Ko Murihiku tōku marae. He uri whakaheke au nō te whānau Te Au.

I am truly blessed and proud to be a Pūreirei mentor. A company director for 20 years, holding a variety of wonderful roles previously from tourism to retail, both national and international.

The founder of Real Beauty Reviews and NZ Made Products, I am also the creator of Zeba Absolute Oil. I operate two YouTube channels, and am the proud mother of a wonderful 14-year-old girl Scarlett.

Inspired by opportunities, and driven by my passion for life, I find tranquillity by my daily swim in the sea.

Having developed many skills and valuable knowledge throughout my journey, I am happy to share my learning with anyone who wants to know. My greatest strength however is that I am an uplifter. Sometimes we need to be reminded how capable and strong we are.
I am good at solving problems too! That is just a bit of a bonus.

We all have aspirations, some small, some large, some ever-changing; all valid and all equally important. I look forward to connecting with you all. We can discuss your dreams and goals, and when you are ready, I can help you create a plan that works for you.

And do you know what? After that, we are going to celebrate your success, one milestone at a time.

If you have any pātai you can contact me directly at [email protected]

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Harrison Hunt

Ko Aoraki te maunga,
Ko Waiwhakaheketupapaku te awa,
Ko Aoraki te waka,
Ko Ngāti Moki, ko Ngāi Te Ruahikihiki oku hapū,
Ko Ngāi Tahu te iwi

I am pleased to have the opportunity to be part of the Pureirei mentoring team and to work alongside whānau to create, grow and initiate individual future career aspirations. Being a part of this kaupapa is not only an honour, but a privilege to offer our services as proud Ngāi Tahu whānau, for Ngāi Tahu whānau.

Bringing to the role 8 years’ experience working with rangatahi Māori, my mahi has seen me specialising in pre-employment training programmes doubled with offering inclusive pastoral care and support. In addition to Te Pou Here I am a trustee and senior leader with Noaia Charitable Trust focusing on placing Māori and Pasifika into employment and education.

I am excited about connecting up and working alongside you as you develop both your individual and whānau economic potential. Let’s get started and crack into this mahi!

If you have any pātai you can contact me directly at [email protected].

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Kayne Osborne

Ko Taratara te tihi o te maunga Motupōhue
E tū ana ki te taha o Te Ara a Kewa
Ko Tākitimu to waka
Ko Te Rau Aroha te Marae
Ko Kāi Tahu me Kāti Māmoe ōku iwi
Ko Rākaihautū te hapū
Ko Awarua te rūnaka
Kei te noho ahau ki Whakatū
Ko Kayne tōku ingoa

I joined the Pūreirei mentor programme, so I can share my knowledge, learnings and skills with those looking to expand their career aspirations, undertake an education pathway or just seek clarity towards their journey within education or employment.

I have 15 years’ experience working in recruitment and vocational pathways across multiple industries and sectors, throughout Australia and New Zealand.

If you want help with your journey towards education and employment fill in the enrolment profile and I will be in touch to help you take that next step.

If you have any pātai you can contact me directly at [email protected]

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