Te Pou Here

“Tahu whiri rau, Tahu torokaha”
Uniting our collective strengths as Tahu

No matter where you are in your career journey, we want to connect with you.
‘Te Pou Here’ refers to the mooring post and comes from “te pou here takata, te pou here tikaka” – the post that ties the people and the customs together.
Te Pou Here, a central place where our whānau can connect, engage & give back.

Te Pou Here Takata

– keeping connected with your iwi

Keep updated with current employment, cultural, and development opportunities.


Te Pou Here Pūreirei

– connecting you with a career mentor

Pūreirei provides personalised support for whānau beginning their career journey, re-entering the workforce or applying for scholarships.

Learn how Te Pou Here Pūreirei can offer guidance and support so you can present the best you.