Te Kapa Our People

In traditional times, Ngāi Tahu relied on their ability to harvest food from the land and waterways to survive. Some Ngāi Tahu people would fish the lakes, rivers, and seas; others would hunt and forage from the mountains and forests, and grow crops. By working together, Ngāi Tahu could fill the whata (store house), and the people could thrive.

Today we employ staff from many ethnicities and backgrounds in roles throughout our businesses. We have jetboat and helicopter pilots, bus and truck drivers, dairy and sheep farmers, and property managers and developers; to name a few. We understand that we work for more than 80,000 tribal members, and through our work we contribute to improving the well-being of Ngāi Tahu people.

Te Poari   The Board

We remember and honour the men and women who led and advanced Ngāi Tahu across land, sea, and more recently, through the Ngāi Tahu Claim. They are acknowledged in Ngāi Tahu waiata (songs), pūrākau (legends), and history.  

Our future success depends on our ability to identify those with talent, and ensure they have opportunities to grow their skills, networks, and experiences as culturally capable, technically competent leaders for Ngāi Tahu. The current directors of our board form part of today’s wider leadership group, and are an essential part of the next generation of leaders. Our selection process helps us weave together a mix of leaders who ensure our boards are strong, diverse and capable.

Te Tira   The Team

Māori people crossed vast oceans to find Aotearoa, New Zealand. Aboard the waka (canoes), they had a team of people working hard to keep them moving in the right direction.

The role of the Ngāi Tahu Holdings team is to work together to keep our waka on course, maintained, and balanced. We liken our team to the outrigger of the main waka. Our values team keep the waka on course by ensuring that however we travel, whatever business we do, and how we do it, we are aligned to the aspirations of the iwi. The finance team prudently manage our assets, maintain the systems, and ensure the subsidiaries are coordinated and supported. The investment team spreads our investments to manage our risk and keep our waka balanced.

Absent: Chantal Bateman