Reporting Goals

Ngāi Tahu Fund Strategic Objectives

The Fund has three strategic goals namely to:

  • To have strong sustainable Ngāi Tahu Cultural leadership across all pillars.
  • Ensuring intergenerational ownership, sustainability, and growth of cultural practices across all pillars.
  • To have the resources available to engage the strategy to be successful (human, fiscal, natural archival etc)
  • All generations of Ngāi Tahu enable, value, celebrate and protect the integrity and uniqueness of Ngāi Tahu culture.
  • Promote new forms of Ngāi Tahu cultural expression.

Reporting Requirements

Reporting on Ngāi Tahu Fund projects ensures that there is accountability for the funds and gives recipients the opportunity to share what they have learnt with Ngāi Tahu whānui.

To comply with the Ngāi Tahu Fund requirements, all recipients are required to complete project report until the completion of your project. Projects are to be completed within one year of the closing date, unless prior negotiated.

A standard reporting form, with the dates for reporting, is provided to each recipient when their project is approved for funding. The form is designed to be easy to complete giving a clear picture of project progress and expenditure.

When the project is completed the final project report provides an opportunity for those running the project to outline what has been learnt in the project. Those parts of the report that will be of interest to Ngāi Tahu whānui may be published on this website.

View tips on evaluating your project. – Word doc [41KB]

Reporting Form

View the Reporting Forms.

Final Project Report

  • For small and medium projects
  • Due one calendar month after the completion of the project.

Please contact us if you have any queries, or if you would like assistance with planning, evaluating or reporting on your project. Phone 0800 524 8248 or email [email protected].