Kā Pūtea Scholarships

Kā Pūtea Scholarships are available to all registered Ngāi Tahu members who are currently enrolled and studying towards a NZQA recognised tertiary qualification or an international equivalent. The scholarships aim to support higher learning and help students connect with their Ngāi Tahutanga.

Kā Pūtea Scholarships are awarded based on applicants’ academic achievements and their engagement with whānau, hapū or iwi-related activities.

Applications for this year’s funding round open Monday 15 February and closed 5pm Friday 23 April 2021.

Available Funding – Undergraduate Scholarships (Certificate to Level 7)

  • First year tertiary students who are eligible for the New Zealand Fees Free initiative are not eligible to apply for a Kā Pūtea Scholarship.
  • There are 58 Undergraduate Targeted Scholarships available, these are worth up to $1,500 each.
  • Applications that are unsuccessful within the category above (Targeted Undergraduate Scholarship) will be forwarded to and considered by the Papatipu Rūnanga that are identified by the applicant in their application.
    • NB: A total of 18 Papatipu Rūnanga Scholarships are available to the value of $1,500 (each Papatipu Rūnanga has $1,500 available to award to one recipient or split between multiple recipients). In fairness to others, it is not possible for an applicant to receive more than one of the Papatipu Rūnanga Scholarships in a single year.

Available Funding – Postgraduate Scholarships (Levels 8,9 & 10)

  • There are 24 Postgraduate Scholarships available:
    • Honours (12) valued up to $3,000 per scholarship
    • Masters (8) valued up to $5,000 per scholarship
    • Doctorate (4) valued up to $10,000 per scholarship
  • Postgraduate Scholarships are assessed based on academic excellence in the applicant’s targeted area of tertiary study; and proven contribution(s) of postgraduate research to Ngāi Tahu.

Exceptional Scholarships

  • The purpose of this fund is to support students who have the opportunity to obtain qualifications that are of an exceptional nature i.e. students studying overseas at a prestigious institute.
  • Exceptional Scholarships are discretionary in nature and applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis.
  • All applications need to evidence engagement and connectedness and or reciprocity to whānau, hapū and iwi.

Required Documentation

    • Valid ID (i.e. copy of driver’s license or passport).
    • Proof of enrolment at tertiary institute.
    • Verified proof of bank account i.e. scanned copy of bank deposit slip.
    • Evidence of previous years’ study i.e. academic transcript.
    • Outline of Ngāi Tahu/Papatipu Rūnanga involvement.
    • Statement of support for your application i.e. a letter of endorsement from a Ngāi Tahu member or Ngāi Tahu associated group who can attest to your suitability for a Kā Pūtea Scholarship.
    • Prepared essay (no more than 1,000 words) around the following topic: How will your qualification contribute to the development of Ngāi Tahu in the future?

NB: Supporting documentation must be verified copies of originals.

All efforts will be made by Ngāi Tahu Grants staff to follow-up on any pending applications, however, incomplete applications will not be forwarded to the selection panel.

*Recipients of the Matakahi Cadetship are ineligible for Kā Pūtea Scholarships.

For any other queries about Kā Pūtea Scholarships, please contact the Ngāi Tahu Grants team on 0800 524 8248 or email: [email protected]