Kā Pūtea Scholarships

The Kā Pūtea Scholarships are available to all registered Ngāi Tahu iwi members who are currently enrolled in NZQA Tertiary level study or International equivalent.

Kā Pūtea Scholarships opened on the 2nd of March and closed on the 30th of April 2020.

Undergraduate Targeted Scholarships (Certificate to Level 7)

There are 58 Targeted scholarships available, these are worth up to $1500.00 each.

Bilingual and Immersion Teaching – Early Childhood Education (4), Primary Education (4), Secondary Education (4), Business Administration/Financial Management (1), Iwi and Indigenous Development (5), Nursing (4), Trade Training Apprenticeships (6), Mahinga Kai (2), Traditional and Contemporary Arts (3), Medical (2), Information Technology (2), Resource Management (1), Mental Health (5), Exercise and Nutrition (2), Te Reo Maori (5), Creative Design (2), Science (3) and Social Work (3).

Post-Graduate Scholarships (Level 8 – Level 10)

There is a total of 24 scholarships available at Post-Graduate level.
There are 4 Honours Scholarships (worth up to $3000.00), 10 Masters Scholarships (worth up to $5000.00) and 6 Doctorate Scholarships (worth up to $10,000.00).

Exceptional Scholarships

Exceptional scholarships are discretionary in nature and are assessed on a case by case basis.

Papatipu Rūnanga Scholarships (18 available)

Applicants must indicate on their application form which rūnanga they wish their application to be considered by if their applications submitted are unsuccessful within the categories above. Applicants must be able to affiliate to the rūnanga they identify.


Not sure if you’re eligible? That’s OK! Let’s talk.
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