Yamada O’Regan
– Secondary School Scholarships

Scholarship Objective

The objective of the Ngāi Tahu Mātauranga Trust Yamada O’Regan Secondary School Scholarships is to advance Ngāi Tahu secondary school students to complete the school year and successfully attain a school qualification.

The Yamada O’Regan Secondary School Scholarships

Named after Masashi Yamada and Tā Tipene O’Regan, these scholarships are a representation of cross cultural friendship and also profound generosity. In the 90’s Yamada, a successful Japanese businessman and philanthropist (introduced to Tā Tipene by Graham Kitson), extended a multimillion dollar lifeline to the iwi. This loan provided a lifeline which enabled Ngāi Tahu to continue with Te Kerēme. Post settlement Yamada again displayed his generosity and commitment to the development of indigenous cultures by gifting a substantial fund to establish a trust. As a result the Ngāi Tahu Mātauranga Trust was established in 2001 to provide and promote educational opportunities for the benefit of Ngāi Tahu whānui.

Applications for the Yamada O’Regan Secondary School Scholarships 2020 have closed. They will open on the 1st of March and close on the 30th of April 2021.


To be eligible for a Yamada O’Regan Secondary School Scholarship you must:

  • Be registered with whakapapa Ngāi Tahu;
  • Be a secondary student in years 10,11,12 or 13;
  • Be achieving academic success in at least three subjects;
  • Be participating in whānau, hapū or iwi activities;
  • Be displaying leadership qualities;
  • Be able to explain the difficulties that may prevent you from completion of the school year and/or successful attainment of a school qualification; and
  • Complete the application form and attach all relevant information and supporting document