Kaumātua Grants

Opens Dec 1, 2023. Closes Dec 1, 2030.

Kaumātua grants are available to registered Ngāi Tahu 65 years of age and over.

Paid annually in November, the previous amounts have been:

  • 2022 $345
  • 2021 $325
  • 2020 $325
  • 2019 $325
  • 2018 $325
  • 2017 $308
  • 2016 $280
  • 2015 $260
  • 2014 $215
  • 2013 $215
  • 2012 $170
  • 2011 $170
  • 2010 $170
  • 2009 $170


Kaumātua grants are usually paid by direct credit, however we can transfer it into your Whai Rawa account if you have one. Whai Rawa is unable to arrange a koha/gift of your kaumātua grant to a relation; this will need to be administered by the grant recipient.

Because Kaumātua grants are classed as a charitable donation, there is no income tax liability. Kaumātua grants may, however, be taken into consideration by WINZ for rest home subsidy calculations.

In September each year, letters are sent to all kaumātua on the Ngāi Tahu database who are or will be aged 65 before 31st December of that year. The purpose of these letters is to check that we have the correct bank details to pay the grant into.

If you are registered with Ngāi Tahu, aged 65 or over and you do not receive a letter from us by the end of September, please ring the Contact Centre on 0800 524 8248 to check that we have your up-to-date address.

Questions & Answers

Why does my grant amount change each year?

The grant amount is determined each year by Te Rūnanga, therefore, the amount may vary.

How can I receive my grant payment?

We can either pay it into your Whai Rawa account or your bank account.

Where will my grant be deposited?

If we paid it into your Whai Rawa account last year, this is where it will be paid this year. If we paid it into your bank account last year, this is where it will be paid this year. If we paid it to you by cheque last year OR if this is your first year of receiving the grant, we will send you an email or a letter to request your verified bank details.

What happens to my grant if you don’t have the correct details?

We cannot pay your grant if we don’t have your correct details. If you have a new account number, we will need to see a verified copy of it, so that we know it is yours. We cannot amend your account number over the phone or via email.

Does it have to be paid into my own bank account?

Yes, it must be paid into a bank account that has your name on it. Joint accounts are fine, but we can’t pay it into a trust account or another whānau member’s account.

Can you send me a cheque instead?

No, because some banks no longer accept cheques for deposit.

Do I have to pay any tax on my grant?

Your grant is a charitable distribution and should not be classed as income for income tax purposes. It is, however, treated as income by Work and Income for the purposes of the rest home subsidy.

Will it affect my New Zealand Superannuation?

No, because it should not be treated as income it should not affect your New Zealand Superannuation.

How can I use my grant to assist my whānau in Whai Rawa?

While we cannot pay your grant directly into the Whai Rawa accounts of your whānau, you can make payments to any Whai Rawa account. Call the Contact Centre on 0800 KAI TAHU (0800 524 8248) or 0064 3 366 4344 for more information.